Wednesday, August 4


Adidas is facing a public disgrace by claims that there is racism at their workplaces. One of the employees of this great brand , Julie Bond has come out with a letter which is been addressed to the company stating that theere is a problem of racism in their company. The letter was released just last week. She stated that there were several occassions where she was racially abused. Her fellow black colleagues had always had in mind to hold a protest against that but they haven’t just gotten the best opportunity and this is the best period to make their voices heard.
Adidas upon hearing pledged to donate 20 million US dollars to the African American community but the black people has rejected saying it’s little. They have then upped the amount to 120 US dollars. Every individual would now think they really care but Julie Bond is persisting to continue her protest unless she and her crew get an official apology from the company. She told the Highsnobiety about some particular incidents where they were racially abused. Some of which were whenever they, the black people were late to work and even late to meetings, the white colleagues passed comments such as “moving at a coon’s pace” which is a vulgar phrase to use for humans.
Bond also added, “Money is a very empty thing, and these are all symptomatic promises, but they are not addressing the systemic changes that need to happen within the brand,”
It is quite a crucial fight since most blacks are into buying expensive brands. Nevertheless Adidas is fighting for it’s name and is ready to fight for their brand. Let’s see what the future holds for this brand.