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After Tekashi 6ix9ine was released from Prison , he was branded as a snitch which he actually did and hence most Hip Hop stars got angry with him and decided not to do songs with him especially Snoop Dog. Not only were the hip hop stars angry with him, a lot of music fans were also pissed at him and expected no one in the music industry to do music with him since he is a snitch.
The music is not yet out, Nicki Minaj only announced she was going to do a collab with 6ix9ine and the trolls she’s getting is a lot. Her fans on the other side are defending her but the trolls are much. She announced this friday that the music will be out in a week time. People are saying all over social media that they ain’t gonna listen to this collab but the Barbz group are nervously waiting for this music.
This is not the first time Nicki has collaborated with the hip hop star Tekashi 6ix9ine. This is her second time and she passed through a lot of controversies but has turned deaf ear to haters and is all set to release their next collab this friday.
The collab already gotten the hype since it is raising controversies all over social media so they are been expected to bring a fire music and even if it’s not fire, it is still going to hit million views as a lot of people are interested in thgis collab.